Russia’s fighter jets and helicopters terrorize Ukrainians. They kill with bombs, missiles, and salvos. Ukrainians defend their homeland and turn Russian war machines into scrap.

We recycle this scrap into luggage tags. The money we raise goes to support Ukraine's defenders.

Our 100+ donors will soon hold their thank-you luggage tags in their hands.

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Click the button below if you want us to help fund power generators and small power stations (basically large power banks for home use).
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Get a Luggage Tag made from scrap of downed Russian SU-34 fighter jet
Donate $399 and get the luggage tag as a token of appreciation. The tag specifies the model of the jet on one side and the date & time when it was shot down, crash coordinates & the tail number. Ukrainian Member of Parliament Maryan Zablotsky managed to secure 60 tags (UPDATE: we got an additional 100 tags!) from the unit that shot down this Russian plane over Ukraine. We will use the funds to provide the unit with drones and other non-lethal supplies such as warm clothes.
! Please accept longer delivery times as wartime logistics are challenging. We can’t prepay import duties. In case your local customs office asks you to pay an import duty, you will have to cover it.

Fund a drone for Ukraine and give it a name
Donate $3000 for the DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo.
The drone will help warn Ukraine’s defenders and civilians about troop movements and military advances. You will also receive the luggage tag as a token of appreciation. We will email you to arrange the drone name selection.

Donate a smaller amount
Help fund drones for Ukrainian defenders: every donation counts!
About us
We are volunteers, 100% of funds raised go directly for Ukraine help, no overhead.

In our previous Ukraine support initiatives, thanks to the generous support of donors from all over the world, we were able to purchase and ship over 750 thermal cameras, 400 two-way radios, 250 protective vests 120 helmets, dozens of drones, over 500 summer uniform sets and many more clothing and outdoor items to Ukraine.

4,500 sets of thermal underwear & fleece jackets are currently on the way to Ukrainian defenders as well ( project).
  • Fred Roeder & Maria Semykoz

    German-Ukrainian couple supporting the Defenders of Ukraine. Maria is from Sievierodonetsk in Donbas, Ukraine - currently occupied by Russia.
  • Maryan Zablotsky

    Member of the Ukrainian Parliament and coordinator of many aid initiatives for Ukraine.

Donations are going to the US-based charitable 501 (c)(3) organization Consumer Choice Education and will be fully used to purchase drones and other non-lethal equipment for Ukrainians.

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